Coral Farm : How to yield farm with an eco-positive impact!

Coral Farm
3 min readMar 3, 2021


Aloha Dear Farmers!

As you may know, BSC (Binance Smart Chain) yield farming has been growing a lot those past months! Last week for example, we saw one of the biggest actor from the DeFi space announcing their integrating with the Binance Smart chain : 1inch is now fully usable on BSC! According to us, more and more bigger projects will follow.

With the likes of Pancake, Goose and other farms gaining popularity, we’d like to introduce a new generation yield farming mechanism allowing continuous price increase with a timelock contract at launch and a rewarding yield! But we wanted also to have a positive impact in the real world and that’s why we will use a percentage of the collected fees by our Lagoons to fund environmental actions, help rebuilding the coral reefs and protect the oceans.

To create a sustainable financial environment we will burn Coral Coins ($CRL), using them to reduce the overall circulating amount. In addition we will trig strategical buybacks and burn (from the 3.9% deposit fee) to sustain the price on long term run.

On those 3.9%, a large proportion will be used to buy and burn Coral Coins across all farms , 5% of those fees will directed on a caritative wallet that will be used to fund environmental organizations.

As we are an enhanced fork of Goose farm, feel free to check our code, you will see that there is no rugpull risk because a timelock will be enforced at launch plus migrator code inherited from Pancake Swap has been removed! Yet another audit will be conducted in the next few days.

Use the power of the Decentralized Finance on Binance Smart Chain to increase your financial freedom while managing your risks in different pools and having a real impact on aquatic ecosystem !

Many specialist agree, climate change started to impact reefs, the fate of corals might be settled in the next 25 years so we need to act now.

We are in touch with several non-gouvernemental associations related to Coral reefs protection. Most of them don’t have any crypto wallet yet. In the first week, if we were not able to conclude a partnership with one of those specific association, we will use Giving Block platform to fund an environmental NGO and we’ll share the txId with the community. In the meantime, we are trying to educate them with the matter and are already in a constant discussion with them.

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We have many ideas and concepts to experiment in order to make our tokenomics sustainable and allow $CRL to become an interesting way to ally sustainable yield farming and ecological actions in the real world !

Join us right now in telegram and dive with us in the lagoons !

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Coral Farm

The most eco-friendly yield farm on Binance Smart Chain, sending DeFi to another dimension #BSC $BNB Farm & save corals in the real world and more very soon!!!