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4 min readMar 13, 2021


Behind the scene, the Coral Farm Team is hustling to build something valuable for its community and the whole BSC Space

Dear Coral farmers,

This has been a hectic journey so far but we’re really astonished by the support we actually received from the community during this first week of building.

What we have accomplished so far :

✔️ Fair launch with 100 BNB provided by the team and locked, no premine for the team, no presale, no seed.
✔️LPs Burned
✔️Migrator removed. Timelock added. Ownership transferred
✔️More than 1.5M volume on the first 24h and above 4M TVL
✔️28 000 $CRL burned forever
✔️More than 80k$ buybacks and burn since inception, done regularly to sustain the price

✔️Listed on BscScan, Yieldfarm
✔️Listed on DappRadar
✔️Listed on Coingecko in less than 24h
✔️ Listed on Coin market cap

✔️More than 600 followers on Twitter and 800 on telegram
✔️Audited by Vidar

✔️The first partnership announced with
✔️ Exposure on Youtube and more in the pipelines

✔️Continuous improvements and updates on the interface
✔️Estimated earnings in $
✔️Charity address balance now above 11 000$
✔️Reorganization of the lagoon
✔️ Reducing the emission daily to now stabilize at 0.4 $CRL per block
✔️ Adding new pairs regularly ($REEF, $FLP, …)
✔️ Initial liquidity bootstrap with multiple LP linking CRL to the best BSC Defi projects

Credit / Kanenori — Pixabay

What we are working on right now

  • Getting in touch with many NGOs related to Coral reef protection: this task is not easy. We are realizing that cryptos still keep an unattractive image to the vast majority of the organization we contacted so far. This although we’re providing full assistance to set up a wallet or open an account on a centralized exchange or even provided some ways to spend easily those cryptos funds.
    The Unicef, Sea Shepherd, Rainforest Alliance, etc… many are the NGOs ready to receive cryptos donations but in the reality, smaller NGOs did not really explore yet this way of funding.
  • We are still maintaining our efforts and will do our best to use those funds toward direct action on Coral reef protection.
    However, we feel the need after this first week and awesome support from our community to prove that we are really committed to using those funds for a good cause.
    For this reason and as we already explained the possibility in our first article we decided to do a first donation of 1500$ towards The Ocean Defenders Alliance.
    This nonprofit organization founded in 2000, uses boats or works from shore to remove man-made debris ranging from every kind of abandoned fishing gear to plastic trash. And to be honest we also think that there are sometimes many ways to fight directly and indirectly for a cause. You can find many scientific publications that explain how plastics wastes are destroying the marine flora and fauna.
    And also sometimes you have to find innovative ways to reach your goal and we know that we have this kind of spirit in the crypto space right?
  • So, for this first week we will do this donation through the Giving block and toward the Ocean Defenders Alliance but if you are in touch with any other marine life protection NGOs, feel free to contact us at to allow us to build more partnerships in the future. For the record, there will be around 10 000$ left in the NGO wallet and we want those funds to be sent to the right organizations
    For this matter, we’re adding a 100$ BUSD bounty to anyone that can help us build a partnership with a coral reef protection organization!

Stay tuned for more new to come next week on the technical front about the maximum supply and supply curve emission, the native exchange and liquidity providing system, more details on $CRL utility. Our dedicated developers as well as new upcoming partnerships will literally blow your mind very soon. And don’t forget that as some of you have already understood, we are not just another farm ……

Thanks again for your awesome support!

Where to find us :

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Coral Farm

The most eco-friendly yield farm on Binance Smart Chain, sending DeFi to another dimension #BSC $BNB Farm & save corals in the real world and more very soon!!!